Recommended lawyer: Michael Dew

Michael Dew
604 895 3160
Michael Dew is a lawyer at the firm of Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP  and assists claimants with personal injury claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents.  
Hiring a lawyer with detailed and up to date knowledge of the law is important to ensure fair compensation is obtained. This website is owned and operated by Legal Tree Project Inc., but Michael contributed much of the substantive content. Michael has been involved in hundreds of motor vehicle accident claims and is familiar with all aspects of law required to successfully prosecute such claims.
It is obviously important to the claimant that his or her lawyer charges no more than a fair fee. For the reasons explained in the Hiring a Lawyer section of the website, Michael charges a variable percentage fee based on which stage of the litigation process the claim is resolved; this is fair to the claimant and ensures that a disproportionally large fee is not paid by the claimant, including if the claim settles early.
If you require assistance with an injury claim arising out of a motor vehicle accident Michael would be happy to discuss the claim with you. Call 604 895 3160 for a free telephone consultation, or send an email using the contact form.